When listening to a bombard, you can feel strong emotions that will bring you back to Brittany.


Teaching bombard online is a must-do at Brittany Music so that all bombard players in the world can learn and improve. Regardless of where you live, you can keep this link to Brittany playing bombard in your spare time.


Brittany Music asked Philippe Janvier and Claude Le Baron to provide online lessons. Philippe Janvier has been a teacher for many years as well as a player in many bands - he is passionate when it comes to teaching Breton Celtic music.


Online bombard lessons will allow beginners to learn how  to choose an instrument, to know more about the work of the lips and to play easily. 

You will also improve style, performance, non-tempered scales.


Want to learn bombard ? Discover our offers and become a member of Brittany Music to get unlimited access to all our lessons 24/7.


Go to the Bombard beginners guide to start your lessons right now even if you're an absolute beginner.


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La danse du pirate 1/2

Gilbert Le Pennec teaches you a Circassian Circle .


La danse du pirate 2/2

Second part of this "Cercle Circassien"


Hammer - Pull off

Gilbert Le Pennec teaches, playing breton music, how to play Hammer...

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