The Clarinet has been present in Breton music since the 1840s. The clarinet player is called "sonerien treujenn-gaol" in Breton."Sonerien" is the word for a Breton music player and "treujenn-gaol" refers to the "stem of the cabbage" - when feeding animals, as you cut leaves, a hole appears in the stem.

Most of the time it is played in duets, just like the trad form of singing "Kan ha diskan", using "Tuilage" technique.


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Lesson 1 - The Clarinet

Free video

This video will help you start the clarinet with sim...


Lesson 2 - Plinn Ton simple 1/2

In this 2nd Lesson, Yves shows you a "Plinn ton simple".


Lesson 3 - Plinn Ton simple 2/2

With the 2nd part of this "Plinn Ton simple" you will now be able t...


Lesson 4 - Plinn Bal 1/3

To go with the "Ton simple", here is the Bal Plinn. Yves keeps expl...


Lesson 5 - Plinn Bal 2/3

2nd part of the Bal Plinn to keep exploring notes from the middle j...


Lesson 6 - Plinn Bal 3/3

This lesson teaches you to play on the upper joint.

It is also t...


Lesson 7 - Plinn Ton double 1/2

Here is the "Ton double" to complete this set of Plinn that you wil...


Lesson 8 - Plinn Ton double 2/2

And here is the end of the Plinn set now complete for you to play t...


Lesson 9 - Dans Leon 1/3

With this "Dans Leon" you will complete the lower and medium notes....