With Brittany Music Fiddle lessons, you can learn or improve your skills in Breton Celtic music, progressing at your own pace.


You will benefit from the great experience of Christian Lemaitre, Breton and Celtic music Ambassador. He shows you the style and the technique you will need to interpret Breton repertoire.


Jonathan Dour, on stage since he is 14 years old with the band "Karma", has been into pedagogy and teaching the Fiddle for almost 10 years now - despite his young age! He will make you discover Breton Celtic music with passion.


You will learn new dances tunes, "marches", melodies or work on your playing skills.

But Brittany Music online lessons go further than that. With our teachers, discover Breton fiddle techniques that you will find nowhere else.

Want to learn the Breton Celtic Fiddle? Discover our offers and become a member of Brittany Music to get unlimited access to all your lessons 24/7.


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A 10 heurs sur ces landes

Free video

This is the first "Rond de Saint Vincent" taught by ...


Laridé gavotte 1/4

Warm up your fingers for this Laridé Gavotte : the fastest dance in...


Fisel 1/2

Christian Lemaitre plays these tunes to dance "Fisel".This is a dif...


Laridé 8 temps

This "Laridé 8 temps" is very famous in the south of Brittany.


An Dro 1/2

The AN DRO is a southwestern dance of Brittany.


An Dro 2/2

In this second part, Christian Lemaitre explain you how to play the...


Hanter Dro

You can learn this very famous HANTER DRO. This dance is from the ...


Gavotte Ton Simple 1/2

Christian LEMAITRE offers thses themes of GAVOTTE. These tunes are ...


Gavotte Yves Menez 1/2

Christian LEMAITRE will make you swing the gavotte !

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