Lesson of Diatonic accordion with Gaël Cadoret

Gaël Cadoret

Instrument: Diatonic accordion

Music Teacher State Diploma (DE), traditional music course

Winner of the "Kan ar Bobl" contest in 2006


Accordion player, hurdy gurdy player and singer, Gaël has been teaching to an audience of all ages since 2000.


He collaborates with various "Cercles Celtiques" - Breton Dances Troupes. These troupes evolve among the best in Brittany, so he trains and supervises diatonic players performing for "emvodoù", gatherings with stage or traditional competitions.



Beyond his activities he also participated in projects associated with the music in general:


  • Contemporary and classical theater
  • Symphonic piece with the association "Oasis d'Armor"
  • Tales and accompanying storytellers
  • Historical reenactments, LARP games
  • Music Therapy
  • Intrument intiations for schools

Les rats et les souris 1/2

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"Les rats et les souris" 2/2

Gaël Cadoret present this dance for children

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