Lesson of Diatonic accordion with Samuel Le Hénanff

Samuel Le Hénanff

Instrument: Diatonic accordion

Samuel is a member of several bands performing at concerts, cabarets or fest noz.



He plays for the singers Jo Le Sergent and Marcel Jaffré in "Tri Pichon Noz" with whom he released a second album in 2010 and occasionally with the "Kanerion Pleuigner".



He is also part of the trio "André Le Meut -Dominique Le Blay - Samuel Le Hénanff" - Bombard - Biniou - Accordion / Vocals. He also plays in a duo with Claude Le Gallic (Saxophone).



In late 2009, he embarked on a new adventure and released his first solo album "Gouriad ha Diùachell" (BNC productions -COOP Breizh).



He worked with the Locoal-Mendon Bagad (breton bagpipe) in the making of "Kejaj", also with Gilles Servat, Pascal Lamour, Dom Duff, Pat O'may, Louise Ebrel ... This project has led to performing in many festivals, among others "Paris - Bercy" for St. Patrick's Day.


Thanks to these many projects Samuel regularly travels abroad for concerts and workshops. (2011: USA, La Réunion, China ...).



He currently works on a new project : "Samuel Le Hénanff Quintet" with Jonathan Dour (fiddle), Tangi Le Hénanff (guitar), Hugues Lasserre (bass) and Damien Rivier (percussions).

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