Lesson of Celtic guitar with Soïg Siberil

Soïg Siberil

Instrument: Celtic guitar

  • Charles Cros Academy Award - album "Les Ours du Scorff".


In 1975 Soïg Siberil recorded his first album with the group "Sked". The same year, he met the Irish guitarist Michael O'Donnell who introduced him to some aspects of harmony. Soïg will then bring this new sound to Breton Celtic music.



In 1980, he met Jaime McMenemy of the "Battlefield Band", and formed the band "Kornog" with Christian Lemaitre and Jean-Michel Veillon.



With "Kornog", he played in Europe and the United States, and recorded five albums. It was during that period that Soig went back to Breton music. He formed the band "Gwerz" and recorded three albums.

In the late 80s, and "Gwerz" and "Kornog" merged to create "Pennou Skoulm". Their repertoire is mainly based on breton music and new instruments - in Breton music - appeared such as uileann pipe, flute or fiddle.



In 1987 Soïg Siberil and Jacky Molard formed "Den". They played on traditional instruments associated with electro rhythmics. Soig focus on acoustic style and perfected his technique of Open tuning.



In 1993, he recorded his first solo album "Digor." From 1994 to 1996 he played in the United States with the band"Celtic Fiddle Festival".


Since then Soig Siberil took part in many albums and continued to record his solo albums.


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The Open tuning DADGAD

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