Step 1 - Tuning the guitar in DADGAD

The first thing you have to do is change your guitar tuning. You have to abandon the standard tuning for the open tuning DADGAD.


With this video, you will understand why breton guitarists play in open tuning DADGAD.


Learn how to tune your guitar, string by string to hear all harmonics you need to play.

Step 2 - Ocre Rouge

With this second video to discover open tuning, we start with a melody, by Gilbert Le Pennec, called "Ocre Rouge".


It's a relatively simple tune that will allow you to start working the pick (cross picking).


To start you will learn to work on the first 4 strings and then on the 4 low strings taking the time to play the strings with the pick.


You'll also start to play your first basic chords.


Here are a few tips to get you started :


- Do not go too fast, play softly but steadily.


- Slowly increase the tempo when you're comfortable with the music. If you can't , deacrease the speed and stabilize your game.


Watch the vidéo

Step 3 - An dro

After you started working the picks "up and down" in the previous step, we we suggest you to a first tune for dancing.

With this "An dro", your pick will be much less regular.

This is also an opportunity to learn about the famous "Hammer" and "Pulling off" that will allow you to let your guitar ring.

Before proceeding to the next step, take the time to work the two previous videos to learn to play with regularity on the right hand and ease on the left hand.


Watch the video

Step 4 - Gavotte ton simple 1/3, 2/3 et 3/3

With this "Gavotte" in three parts, you will continue to gradually enhance your style of playing.



You will work the notion of triplets and picks "up and down" to give energy and strength to the tune.



You will learn how to place the right hand on the soundhole to copy Breton singers or Breton pipe players.



You will learn your first chords and right hand rhythmic to accompany dancers on the "Gavotte".

Step 5- To go further

We suggest you continue to learn more about Celtic Guitar with the following lessons :


  1. Soig Siberil : "Le long du bois" 
  2. Soig Siberil : "Gavotte en flatpicking"