Step 1 - Celtic harp, a presentation

This first video will help you discover the Celtic Harp before you start to playing.
Clotilde Trouillaud will introduce you with the different parts of the harp, string colours, the soundboard...
Then you will discover the role of the levers that allow access to the alterations.
You will acquire a relaxed body posture to avoid unnecessary tiredness and relieve any bad tensions on your body.
This introduction is an important prerequisite before you start learning your first tune.


Watch the video.


Step 2 : A Limerzel 1/2

With this second lesson you will discover how Clotilde Trouillaud guides you to progress on your Celtic harp.


Everything starts with studying the structure of this "Tour" - dance from the area of Questembert. What the different parts are, how to spot the phrases, singing along to make playing notes easier.


You will immediately learn the position of the right hand and how to lay your fingers on the strings.


Which fingers to use, what to do when they don't play, what the correct position of the thumb is, here are the questions you can answer.


You will also take some time to play and tap the tempo at the same time.


That's a good start, isn't it?


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Step 3 - A Limerzel 2/2

Second part of the famous song "A Limerzel": you will use your left hand to learn very quickly to put chords on the melody.


To start, we chose fairly simple chords that are played with one or two fingers, but no more.


The goal here is to learn to place fingers on the left hand and successfully play basic chords.


Then you will learn to put both hands to play together, melody and chords. And what a pleasure to hear the harp sound!


When you feel comfortable you will finally try to change the key to play all along your harp.



Here are a few tips to get you started :


- Take it slowly at the beginning, play softly but steadily.


- Slowly increase the tempo when you're comfortable with the music. If you can't , slow down a little and stabilize your playing.


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Step 4 - Dans 10 ans je m'en irai 1/2 et 2/2

In these two videos, you will steadily continue your progression both on the right and left hand.


First, you will learn how to use all four fingers on the right hand in an up and down movement. You will learn how to place your fingers after they plucked a string.


With a lot of examples and exercises, you will be able to explore all your harp with your four fingers, making sure to play steady.


You will acquire basic three fingers chords, very common on the Celtic harp.


Second, you'll discover an easy harmony line that follows the rhythm of the dance with some original ideas on the left hand.


Before proceeding to the next step, take time to work out the first steps and play with regularity on the right hand and with agility on the left hand.


Watch the videos

Step 5- To go further

Want to to further? We suggest you continue to learn more about Celtic harp with the following lessons:


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