DADGAD tuning

It is not always easy to modify your tuning and switch to open DADGAD tuning when you're accustomed to standard tuning.


The first characteristic of this tuning in D - called open D tuning - is having three open strings to play a D. This recalls the idea of ​​the bagpipe drone, a concept very dear to Celtic music in general and Breton music in particular.


The second characteristic is to create rich harmonics. This type of tuning lets open strings resonate  and create rich sounds adapted to Breton and Irish music.


That is why all our teachers play in DADGAD open tuning.


How to tune your guitar?


Tune down the low E string (6th in standard) to sound like the D string (4th string in standard tuning).


Tune down the B string (2nd standard) to sound an octave above like the A string (5th in standard).


Tune down the high E string (1st in standard) to sound like the 4th and 6th strings now both D strings.


And always think you must tune the string DOWN, and never up !