The Bagpipe is undoubtedly the instrument that symbolizes Celtic music the best. A few notes of bagpipe and you immediately find yourself transported into the world of Celts.


In Brittany, most bagpipers have played in bagadoù - Breton Pipe Band. Some wish to start all over again with their instrument or to just to improve their interpretation or technique and many "Pipers" from all over the world are curious to learn Breton music, so special to them.


With Hervé Le Floc'h, Brittany Music Lessons welcomes a talented musician, accustomed to bagad playing but also a soloist who won many competitions. As a bagpipe teacher to many students in Finistère, he will help develop your technique at your own pace through different tunes - "marches", melodies but also dance tunes.


You will discover the techniques of interpretation and arrangement to play both solo and with other instruments.


You want to play Breton music on the bagpipe, discover our offers and become a member of Brittany Music Lessons to have access to all the video lessons.


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Ton Bastien Gwern 1/2

Free video

It is a Breton "march" tune that Hervé played with S...


Ton Bastien Gwern 2/2

In this 2nd video of your lesson, Hervé shows how to transpose the ...


Laridé de Pluvigner 1/2

Hervé discovered this Laridé sung by Guigner Guéhenneuc. It will he...


Laridé de Pluvigner 2/2

2nd part of this Laridé de Pluvigner with Hervé


Gavotte bigouden 1/2

Here is a Gavotte Bigouden from a repertoire of bombarde players


Gavotte Bigouden 2/2

2nd part of this Gavotte Bigouden by Hervé Le Floc'h


Amzer Gwechall - Melody

A beautiful melody from the Region of Vannes...


Suite Gavotte 1/4

1st chapter of this Suite Gavotte - Set of Gavotte tunes - where He...


Suite Gavotte 2/4

Tamm Kreiz of this Suite Gavotte,to give the dancers a breather but...

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