When talking about Celtic Harp, everyone rightly thinks "Alan Stivell".


Brittany Music Ambassador, Clotilde Trouillaud is part of this new generation of Breton musicians with different styles and showing the many new facets of Celtic harp.


Teacher for several years, she is passionate about teaching Breton Celtic music.


With her, you will develop your technique at your own pace, playing right hand melodies and creating left hand chords.


You will develop Interpretation and Harmony skills to play solo as well as with other instruments.


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Presentation of the celtic harp

Free video

Through all these videos, Clotile Trouillaud invite ...


A Limerzel 1/2

Clotilde Trouillaud plays a tune from Upper Brittany to dance
a "...


A Limerzel 2/2

C Trouillaud shows you how to add chords with the left hand.


Dans 10 ans je m'en irai 1/2

Clotilde proposes a "Rond de Saint Vincent". It is one of the 2 mai...


Dans 10 ans je m'en irai 2/2

2nd part of this "Rond".


Les pigeons blancs 1/2

Clotilde Trouillaud teaches you how to play this tune from Redon area.


Les pigeons blancs 2/2

The rest of this tune "Les pigeons blancs"


Sont trois jeunes garçons 1/2

This beautiful tune is a "Marche" from upper Brittany


Sont trois jeunes garçons 2/2

This tune is a "Marche" of Brittany.

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