7 instruments to play Breton Celtic music

You want to learn to play Breton music and don't know which instrument to choose.

We offer seven instruments, seven different workshops to introduce you to Breton music.

Bombarde is the traditional Breton instrument, the one by which any Breton proclaims its identity.

Diatonic Accordion, already tuned, always ready to play.

Guitar, tuned in DADGAD or Standard, provides the necessary rhythm to accompany the dancers.

Celtic Harp, 3 notes and you're already in Brittany.

Bagpipe, flagship instrument in Breton Pipe Bands called Bagadoù, alongside the bombarde.

Clarinet, to play tunes like "Fisel" or "Ronds de Loudéac".

Fiddle, from either Upper Brittany or Lower Brittany.