Expert Harp

Celtic harp


With this final course by Clotilde Trouillaud devoted to learning the Celtic Harp, you will further increase your skills.

You will discover a lot of new techniques for both right and left hand.


  • Learn to interpret a song and bring your own feelings to the tune
  • Know how to play with rests, speed up or slow down the rhythm of a melody
  • Know how to develop a counterpoint with the left hand
  • Reproduce the notion of drone on the harp, inspired by bagpipes for example
  • Set up a bass line with the left hand
  • Know how to play chord inversions
  • How to diversify harmonic arrangements and rhythmic arrangements
  • Learn to add or remove a note
  • Know how to modify a lever at a fast tempo


  • Play with a Celtic Harp
  • Master the 2 previous courses
  • Listen to harpists and singers... still from Brittany, obviously!

Videos for the course