Ronde de Loudéac Workshop with Claude Le Baron



Claude Le Baron is a Bombarde teacher near Loudéac and a specialist of this terroir.


In this course dedicated to the “Ronde de Loudéac”, you will learn the most famous tunes. You will also slowly learn to detach notes and increase the tempo little by little to accompany the dancers.


This is a course for all players, feel free to take it at your own pace depending on your skills.


  • Learn dance tunes or melodies from the area of Loudéac

  • Learn or improve your style to play the Loudéac repertoire.

  • Master a fast tempo while remaining steady.

  • How to create ornaments and variations to enhance the tune.

  • Learn to detach notes and give sharp rhythm to the dance


  • Have a bombarde in Bb

  • A course for all players, just pick your own pace

  • Access music from the Loudéac area - on Dastum website for example

  • Learn to dance the “Ronde de Loudéac”, why not?

Videos for the course