Rond de Saint Vincent

  • Geographical origin : “Rond de Saint Vincent” is a dance from the Eastern part of Vannes’ region.
  • Historical origin : “Rond de Saint Vincent” comes from a family of circle dances in the East of Vannes’ region and West of Nantes’ region.
  • Set : Circle dance. You hold your neighbour’s little finger.
  • Steps : “Rond de St Vincent” steps are over 4 beats.
Rond de St Vincent

Over the first 4 beats, you move in the circle and over the 4 other beats you go back to reform the circle.


Regarding the arms : Over the first 2 beats, you put your arms straight to the front. In beat 3, arms are bending along the body and to finish go down along the body.


  • Originally played on : Diatonic accordion, Voice
  • Tempo : 76 to 96
  • Derived and similar dances : Rond paludier