Breton music lessons during confinement

During confinement, there are those who wonder how to continue taking Breton music lessons without meeting their usual teacher and those who think it may be a good time to learn to play or to bring out their instrument.

Continue to take lessons so as not to lose control


All music teachers will tell you that to make steady progress in learning a musical instrument, you need to play at least 20 minutes a day. This allows you to keep a certain flexibility in the muscles of the arms and hands to gain precision and speed. But it's also necessary to learn the tunes and their accompaniment, to remember them well and to be able to play them without thinking about the notes or the fingers. In order to focus on your playing, performance, ornamentation and style, your fingers should land on their own without having to think about the next note.


This permanent training is necessary and essential to continue to progress.




But what to do when confinement forces you to stay at home, without seeing your teacher?


Online courses also called elearning are a good answer to this. They allow you to learn new themes and accompaniments while sitting comfortably at home. All you need to do is connect with your computer (which you can even plug into your TV) or your smartphone and you have access to all the courses you want to take. They are adapted to your level and grouped into modules with for each one, the educational objectives and the prerequisites necessary to follow them.




The other advantage of this formula is that you have access to several teachers, each of them having their own pedagogy, their repertoire and their own style. This is not possible in physical classes where often for several years you learn with the same teacher.


Once the confinement is over, you can even continue to take Breton music lessons face-to-face and remotely, thus combining the advantages of the physical teacher and the flexibility of the lessons taken at home.


Cours de bombarde en ligne

It is also an opportunity to learn to play Breton music

The confinement period is also the time when you start doing activities that you have dreamed of doing for a long time. No travel in the morning or evening so you have a little more time for your personal activities.




You want to take the opportunity to learn to play Breton music but you don't know how to do it as an autodidact.


Here too, online Breton music lessons provide a rather satisfactory answer. First, you need to choose the instrument you are interested in among those offered. Then, you have access to modules which will allow you to know exactly what your educational objectives are. Thus, if you are a beginner, you will orient yourself towards modules specially dedicated to beginners. In the same way if you want to improve your skills or if you are already an expert, you will immediately select modules designed for your level. For example, a module on speed and dexterity or on fairly complex fingerpicking.




One of the advantages of online courses is also to be able to watch the video of the course as many times as desired, to be able to go back or vice versa to advance more quickly.


Another is that you just have 10 minutes, log in, pick up your instrument and voila, you play some chords, some notes, some ornamentation and you know you'll be back in the evening.




Whether it is in addition to your current lessons with your teacher or to learn alone to play the Breton repertoire, online Breton music lessons are a solution that has many advantages.


Your turn now.