Mathew (United Kingdom)


The site has been a great resource but I have not been very structured in my approach, now tending to dip in and pick a tune that appeals to me and learn that rather than starting with the easiest and progressing by difficulty. Although I am relatively new to the bombarde (and to reed instruments) I have played the tin whistle and flute or many years (amongst other things) so my fingers generally know what to do and I am able to progress quite quickly.


Jean-Luc Renault (Arlington, Ma, USA)


I have been living in the United States and I am very happy to have accordion lessons given by teachers from BRITTANY MUSIC ! Thank you for this great tool that allows me to improve. Indeed, being retired, I discovered a passion for the accordion. Since I've never learnt music, lessons with BRITTANY MUSIC allows me to learn songs quickly. I am very pleased with the results and I thank BRITTANY MUSIC ! I play every day with a Serafini Accordion.
Thank you for your videos that I enjoy a lot !






Jean François Drian (Caudan, Brittany)


I really feel I have progressed, each video bring me more technique skills. It's nice to be able to learn at your own pace, taking time to assimilate the tune, to understand; always with the possibility of rewinding the video if necessary.

With explanations and guidance of Philippe Janvier, I have the impression to live what I play and my game is improved.

I can only congratulate you on the concept and its achievement. I have learnt a lot from your videos. The tunes are really accessible (even for a beginner like me), the videos allow to come to understand, learn and play a tune quickly. The explanations are clear and good advice.






Nadine Le Dily (Noumea, New Caledonia)


I wanted to thank you again and congratulations for your initiative ! It's really all the more motivating since learning is based on playing music for dance.
So, nothing but happiness ... All that to say that I wish you a lot of success in the long term for this concept. Moreover, it is technically efficient: I was a little afraid of having difficulty accessing the videos as there are a lot of local recurrent problems of internet connection and bandwidth here. But no problem, everything always goes very well every time I want to watch a video.

Good luck to you







Bernard Dagorn (Fouesnant, Brittany)


I did it ! My contribution to Brittany Music, I extended my subscription from one month - to discover ! - to a 1 year membership. So I can continue learning Breton Celtic music at my own pace.

Thank you.

"Musically Breizh"






Gilles Lemonnier (Courtry, France)

I went to Lorient Interceltic Festival and I wanted to meet with Brittany Music team to actually encourage them along the way because I think that when you offer online lessons, it must be frustrating not to see the reactions of "students".

In addition to that, creating such a specialized website must require passionate people who get involved a lot and must certainly have moments of doubt, so I wish that the website continues and develops.
I do not know if I was the original customer target, but I'm a Breton, who emigrated to Cantal10 years ago, then for 15 years in Paris (FR). Although I had been thinking about it for a long time, now that  I am over 50 years old I'm determined to learn the bombard. I joined a breton group near Paris and we are 5 musicians playing every week (1 bagpipe, 1 veuze, 3 bombards) in support to a dance group.

A former member of the group gave us the basics of learning how to play bombard but he had to stop for health problems so that we do not have a bombard specialist anymore. That's why I enrolled at Brittany Music.

With Philippe Janvier I find practical advice, theoretical explanations thus I'm sure I make no mistakes and it helps improving. For me it is the perfect complement to the practice that I have with my friends because group practice is essential, especially for the bombard since is not specifically recommended in a loft.

Best regards