Happy New Year 2024 !


In these first days of the year 2024, the entire Breizh Music team sends you its most sincere wishes. May this new year be full of wonderful musical discoveries and successes in your practice of music for each of you.


The year 2023 will have been a rich year for Breizh Music since we celebrated our 10th anniversary !


In 2013, we were driven by a deep conviction: that of promoting the teaching of Breton music beyond the borders of Brittany to allow all those who wish to learn Breton music, whatever the circumstances. or their place of residence.


10 years later, we can be proud of allowing musicians to learn and improve in Breton music on all continents.
In Brittany, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom but also in China, Russia, America, Africa, the tunes of lower and upper Brittany resonate all over the globe.


For the most part, our students are French-speaking and among them Bretons who have gone far from their land and who feel the need to maintain a link with Brittany.
But many also live in historic Brittany, finding in the Breizh Music formula the possibility of continuing to learn where there is no or no longer a teacher or quite simply because the formula allows you to learn when you want and where you wanna.


During these 10 years, we have taken care to provide quality courses so that students can learn by watching, like courses given in person. We have perpetuated oral transmission, listening, watching and reproducing.
We have chosen not to work on the sound which is reproduced faithfully, without arrangement so that everyone can find the same sensations when playing at home.


During these 10 years, we have been supported by wonderful teachers. All convinced that learning music should take place in different and complementary forms to face-to-face lessons and internships.
A big thank you to them !


BRITTANY MUSIC  is today known and recognized for its innovative approach and the quality of its courses.
This is how we were audited by the Cultural Council of Brittany as part of a report on the transmission of intangible cultural heritage and heritage which was submitted to the President of the Region in 2023.


And the adventure is not over.


In 2024, we will put new courses online to provide even more content.
We will also continue to subtitle the courses in English to introduce Breton music to musicians who are discovering Brittany and the richness of its culture and music.


Bloavezh mat d’an holl !