Celtic guitar

12 courses - 132 videos

Celtic guitar

With Brittany Music Lessons, for the first time you will benefit from online Celtic guitar lessons entirely dedicated to Breton music.

You are curious about how to play in open tuning (DADGAD) and don't know how to get strated. Brittany Music offers beginner lessons and introduces you to open tuning whether you are already a guitar player or not.

Do you want to go further and develop new playing techniques? Brittany Music gives you the opportunity to master "Ridées 6 temps", plinn and hanter dro with all the style of Breton music.

Gilbert Le Pennec, member of the famous band Carré Manchot for 25 years is a reference as a Breton guitar player. But he is also an excellent teacher who runs courses and workshops regularly throughout brittany. That’s why he joined Brittany Music Lessons.

Roland Conq is a figure of the Breton guitar with his own sound.

Soig Siberil is a virtuoso, open tuning specialist, and sincere guitarist. Soig has undoubtedly brought Breton music its letters of nobility.