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During the 19th century, the Clarinet spread very quickly throughout traditional musics of many European countries. The instrument evolved quickly but trad music players, for lack of financial means, played with 13 keys clarinets.

In Brittany, the clarinet is called "Treujenn gaol" in Breton and "Tronc d'chou" in Gallo language. But it was above all in a geographical area between the South of Trégor and the southern limit of Morbihan that it really became a must play instrument.

Undoubtedly because the Clarinet makes it possible to imitate the singers' trad way of singing "kan ha diskan", it will be present on terroirs such as Gavotte Fisel, Plinn and Loudéac. In 1832 Pier an Dall, a prestigious clarinet player, was born in Plinn country, in Corlay

Nowadays, playing Clarinet is still particularly alive in Plinn country and in Fisel country. There is also the Clarinet festival - every 2 years in Glomel (22).