Beginner bagpipe



This online Bagpipe course will allow you to learn the fundamentals and the techniques necessary to play famous Breton tunes.

This is a beginners course. It starts with tips on posture and breathing. It will allow you to acquire the necessary foundations to play your first tunes.


  • Master abdominal breathing to be comfortable with the bagpipe
  • Learn to place your hands and fingers on the practice and on the bagpipe chanter.
  • Discover the techniques for tuning chanter and drones
  • Learn the basics of taps and grace notes
  • Master the classic A-E-F sequence
  • Know how to add variations on a simple tune
  • Perform your first fork notes
  • Play your first ornaments


  • At a minimum, have a practice in Bb
  • Ideally, also play with a bagpipe in Bb
  • Practise regularly

Videos for the course