Beginner Harp with Clotilde Trouillaud

Celtic harp


This course is totally dedicated to all those who want to learn to play the Celtic Harp.

From the position of the body and fingers to the accompaniment on the left hand, you will immediately learn to play your first tunes.


  • Learn the right postures so as not to get tired and tense unnecessarily
  • Understand the structure of a tune, sing it and play the notes at the right time
  • Learn the right hand position and how to place your fingers on the strings
  • Know what to do with your thumb or fingers that don't play
  • Discover the concepts of rhythm
  • Learn to play your first accompaniments with the left hand


  • Play with a Celtic Harp
  • Practise regularly
  • Listen to Breton harpists – of course!

Videos for the course