Beginner with Alain Pennec and Samuel Le Hénanff

Diatonic accordion


In this course for beginners, we have chosen to present 2 exceptional teachers, Alain Pennec and Samuel Le Hénanff.

You will be able to start playing the Diatonic Accordion and take advantage of the many tips and tricks from a pedagogy especially intended for those who are just starting out.


  • Learn to place your hand correctly on the keyboard

  • Master playing with 2 fingers (right hand) while placing the bass and chords (left hand).

  • How to play cuts and trills simply

  • Learn to maintain a steady tempo

  • Master the right hand without bellows noise

  • Learn to sing while playing


  • Play with a diatonic accordion in G - C 2 rows

  • Practise regularly for 15 minutes

  • Sing or whistle the tune before playing to master it

Videos for the course