Gavotte Workshop

Diatonic accordion


This Workshop is intended for all those who want to learn or improve their Gavotte skills.


It is made up of a complete set of “Gavotte Montagne” including several famous tunes and a bonus with 2 “Gavottes Pourlet”!!!


Finally, you will also learn to play a “Kost er c'hoad” which belongs to the Gavotte family but with a cross step for dancers.


  • You will play an entire set of Gavotte

  • Learn to respect the strong and weak beats of “Gavotte Montagne”

  • Know how to interpret the “Tamm Kreiz” (ball of the Gavotte)

  • Learn virtuosity and ornaments on “Pourlet” tunes

  • Improve your staccato skills with the “Kost and c'hoad”


  • Play with a G/C Diatonic Accordion

  • Know the gavottes repertoire

  • Get familiar with trad “sonneurs” and singers – like this video for example

Videos for the course