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Hervieux and Glet


« Wind instruments makers »


The worshop of Hervieux and Glet was founded in febrary 1981.


They work in Rieux, next to Redon. At the beginning, Olivier GLET and Gilbert HERVIEUX rub soulders with the two last professionals makers still working during 1980’s : Dorig LE VOYER from Rennes and Jean CAPITAINE from Bourbriac.





At the beginning of 1990’s, traditional music schools are created and players in bagad become aware of the necessity to teach music to youths. A new dynamic arrived.


In 2009, Gilbert’son, Tudual, arrive in the factory. After 3 years of school, he finished Major of the “Woodwind Instrument Making College”, clarinet manufacture school, in United Kingdom. He passed some years with Angus LAWRIE in Scotland, to learn how to create bags of pipes. Tudual is a biniou and clarinet player. He likes to work on clarinet or bombarde keys. He is still exploring the workmanship wealth.


Thierry Beuze


Buy a diatonic accordion : Saltarelle


Since 1984, we work hand in hand with musicians to propose a large range of accordions. This range is in constant evolution to meet the needs of every musicians for every kinds of music.




We try to propose better instruments but keeping “son Saltarelle ®” (Saltarelle sound).


Nowadays, we can propose more than 20 models of accordions, divided in 3 collections :
- “Centre-ville” collection : accordions with stepped keyboard to play every kind of music including frend trad folk.
- “Sterling Range” collection : accordions with flat keyboard to play every kind of music including irish and Celtics music.
- “Paris Melrose” collection : chromatic accordions


The kind of music that you play is not a problem, it exist an accordion for you.


Don’t hesitate to contact Thierry Beuze for advice.







Bernard Loffet


Buy a diatonic accordion : Bernard Loffet


My speciality and passion is the diatonic accordion, “the box”


With Michel, Gautier and Pol, we make 14 ranges of diatonic accordions, from the more simple, to study accordion, to “professional” accordions or chromatic accordions.

They are created in the best materials, in order to musicians are happy to play.


Don't hesitate to contact him !










“Brittany Oral Heritage Archives”


Since 1972, Dastum (means collect in Breton) is an association nonprofit. It has 3 mains tasks : to collect, to save and to broadcast the oral heritage from all historical Brittany like : music, songs, tales, histories, proverbs, stories, testimonies …






- To collect : Dastum is working to initiate, encourage, supervise the collections and to gather heritage collected over 50 years by hundreds of volunteer collectors, individual people, associations and cultural institutions.

- To save : Dastum guarantees the physical protection of every documents (inventory, digitization, documents’ duplication and the separation of conservation places).

- To pass down and enhance this heritage : Dastum gaol is to pass down this oral heritage to everybody. This is possible by catalogs and web database.