Hervé Le Floc'h

Bagpipe - 5 courses - 50 videos

Hervé Le Floc'h has been a "Bagad" piper for 30 years in the Bagad "Cap Caval". He has been the leader of the bagpipe section for several years. Since 2002, the Bagad Cap Caval has been ranked among the top 5 in the first category and was Brittany Champion in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2015, during the "bagadoù" championship.

Also passionate about Scottish music, Hervé Le Floc'h has participated in the World Championship with the Bagad's Pipe Band since 1996.
Hervé Le Floc'h is primarily a high quality teacher. As a teacher at Sonerion since 1996, he tirelessly trains beginners as well as experienced pipers in bagadoù all over Brittany.