Gilbert Le Pennec

Celtic guitar - 4 courses - 40 videos

In 1982, Gilbert LE PENNEC started learning the guitar directly in open tuning at a DADGAD workshop with Soig Siberil. He discovered the band "Galorn" and began to go to Fest-Noz to listen to Breton "sonneurs" and singers.


Then he met Hervé Le Lu, bombarde player who wanted to create a band to play for the Fest-Noz of the association "En Arwen". The band "Carré Manchot" was born, top band on Breton stages since 1986.


With "Carré Manchot", he has played on all major national and international traditional stages.


Today, Gilbert Le Pennec continues the adventure with "Carré Manchot" while giving guitar lessons in Music Schools in central Brittany.