Roland Conq

Celtic guitar - 6 courses - 58 videos

Breton Performer since the early 90s with the group "Kurun" and then "Filifala", he also plays his own creations in the "Roland Conq Trio" with Erwan Berenguer on the guitar and Vincent Guérin on the bass.

 He also currently plays with Ronan Pinc's "Koreni" trio and bands "Alambig Elektrik", "Feiz Moc'h Noz" (Gasco-Breton meeting) and occasionally with "Landat-Moisson".


Passionate sideman musician, he played alongside many Scots and Irish;
He also shared the stage with guitar players Philip Catherine, Jean-Félix Lalanne, Soig Sibéril, Manu Galvin and Gildas Arzel.