Soïg Siberil

Celtic guitar - 5 courses - 52 videos

In 1975 Soïg Siberil met Irish guitarist Michael O'Donnell who introduced him to some aspects of harmony and DADGAD in particular. Soïg will then bring this new sound to Breton Celtic music.


In 1980, he met Jaime McMenemy of the "Battlefield Band", and formed the band "Kornog" with Christian Lemaitre and Jean-Michel Veillon.


He formed the group GWERZ, with whom he recorded 3 albums and ten PENNOU SKOULM. Their repertoire is essentially based on Breton music, and new instruments appear such as the uileann pipe, the transverse flute or the fiddle.

In 1993, he made his first solo album "Digor". Since then, Soig Siberil has participated in many albums and continues to release solo opuses.