Alain Pennec

Diatonic accordion - 8 courses - 106 videos

Alain Pennec started at the beginning of the 70s, during the first wave of Celtic music revival, learning the bagpipes and bombards, which lead very quickly to play with his brother as "couple de sonneurs" and play in bands like "Kouerien Sant Yann " or "Sonerien Du".

He discovered the diatonic accordion in 1978. In 1980, he created the band "Tammles" with Philippe Janvier, among others.

Between 1980 and 1989, they were the most popular "fest-noz" band, it contributed to the revival of Traditional Breton music with a very traditional folk repertoire evolving towards more electric and electronic interpretations before returning to much more acoustic music.

Since 1990, Alain Pennec developped many projects, touring and recording, leading to growing success. He multipied very different experiences - sometimes solo, sometimes duo 

Alain leads workshops in Brittany and abroad.

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8 courses

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