Samuel Le Hénanff

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Samuel is a member of several bands performing at concerts, cabarets or fest noz.

He plays for the singers Jo Le Sergent and Marcel Jaffré in "Tri Pichon Noz". He is also part of the trio "André Le Meut -Dominique Le Blay - Samuel Le Hénanff" - Bombard - Biniou - Accordion / Vocals. 

In late 2009, he embarked on a new adventure and released his first solo album "Gouriad ha Diùachell" (BNC productions -COOP Breizh).

He worked with the Locoal-Mendon Bagad (breton bagpipe) in the making of "Kejaj", also with Gilles Servat, Pascal Lamour, Dom Duff, Pat O'may, Louise Ebrel ...

These projects have led to performing in many festivals and workshops in Brittany and abroad.


Samuel is a teacher at "Ecole de Musique de Baud/Locminé" in Morbihan.

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