Christian Lemaitre

Fiddle - 3 courses - 35 videos

In 1975, Christian Lemaitre discovered the fiddle listening to "The Bothy Band" and naturally to Irish music. In 1980, he starts Breton music with Soïg Siberil and Alan Kloatr while playing with Youenn Gwernig. These two projects quickly led to the creation of the band "Kornog" and a tour throughout Europe and the United States in 1983.


The adventure continues with the Fest-Noz band "Pennou Skoulm" and then with the string ensemble "Archetype".


In the 90s, he continued playing Breton Celtic music and joined the fest-noz band "Storvan". He has also played with Gilles Servat for 6 years.


Christian is a frequent host in Fiddle workshops throughout Brittany and abroad.