Jonathan Dour

Fiddle - 1 course - 11 videos

Born in Breton Celtic music, his father is a musician, he played in his first " Fest-Noz" ( Breton night of Dance and fun - like Irish Ceili) when he was 14 with the band "Karma".

When he was 18, he decided to focus on music and learning classical music at the "Conservatoire de Saint Brieuc - Rennes"


In 2004, he wants his music to evolve with tradition and creates "Liamm", a band of musicians who mix classical music with traditional singing.


At the same time, he continues to play for other artists' bands, such as DENEZ PRIGENT, DAVID PASQUET and with his father YANN DOUR.

In 2011, he formed the DOUR / LE POTTIER QUARTET group. Their music then mixes traditional modal, tribal, classical inspirations and improvisation, in a purely acoustic setting dedicated to "Festou-noz".

He has been teaching the Fiddle since 2005 in day to day lessons in Central Brittany or on in frequent workshops. His teaching combines traditional and classical practices, orality and writing.