The 7 most frequently asked questions before signing up

You want to take Breton Music lessons? Before subscribing, you are probably asking yourself a few questions.
We might as well answer them right away!



What courses will I have access to after signing up?


You have complete access to all the courses and videos for the instrument you choose. And this for the duration of your subscription.

Par où commencer ?

Which course should I start with?

To help you in your progression, we have organized our videos into courses by level. For each course, we have determined the educational objectives and the prerequisites necessary to follow the courses properly.
A piece of advice? Don't try to go too fast and start by taking courses you can achieve.




How can I classify my videos?


You can classify the videos you follow in one of 3 categories so that you will find them more easily in your dashboard.

Classer un cours pour le retrouver dans son tableau de bord

Will I have access to the attached files?

The attached files are accessible for “6 months” and “1 year” subscriptions. You can of course modify your subscription at any time: click on “My profile” and then on the “Modify my subscription” button.

Can I easily cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, it's simple and easy. Just click on "My profile", then on the "Terminate my subscription" button and your debits will be automatically suspended.

Page Mon profil - Résilier son abonnement

Is your site secure?

Of course, our site respects the latest standards in terms of security. It is the same for online payments which are completely secured by our bank.

Where are you located?

Breizh Music is located in Kreiz Breizh - Central Brittany, in Breton - on the shores of The Guerlédan Lake.