Bagpipe advanced techniques



In this 2nd course dedicated to learning the bagpipe, you will discover advanced techniques that will allow you to improve your playing and expand your repertoire.


  • Master triplets by linking up grace notes and taps
  • Know how to perform cutss on series of sixteenth notes
  • To be able to achieve triplets (double F + tap) / grace note A / cut B
  • Master triplets on F / double E / double F
  • Learn to perform slur, grip and dare to ornament tunes
  • Change the key of a tune by adapting the key on the chanter
  • Apply all the new techniques in a complete set of “Gavotte Montagne”
  • Learn Circular Breathing techniques


  • Master the fundamentals of the beginner course
  • Work the technical phrases slowly and then more and more quickly
  • Practise regularly

Videos for the course