Ton Bastien Gwern 1/2



It is a Breton "march" tune that Hervé played with Serj Riou (on Bombard) and as often in "Mountain Gavotte" tunes you can play dance tunes arranged as a "march". Singers such as Bastien Gwern used to do that. This tune is one of his.


In the « Ton Double » the 2nd phrase is twice as long - the 1st phrase with 2 measures repeated and the 2nd phrase with 4 measures repeated as well - thus"ton double"


In this video the Gavotte is played as a "march" with pauses and much slower


Enjoy !

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Attached file

Music sheets

  • Score in C - Breton writing
  • Score in C - Scottish writing
  • Score in B - Scottish writing
  • Score in B - Breton writing


  • hlf-Marche Montagne-Ton Bastien Gwern-cornemuse.mp3