Claude Le Baron

Bombard - 1 course - 9 videos

Claude plays a Bb Bombard and is a well-known Breton pipe player in Brittany. Originally from Langoelan in Morbihan, he has played as a "couple" for 35 years and in many bands too.

Teacher in Music schools in the area of Pontivy and Loudéac, Claude Le Baron has trained a great deal of Bombarde payers and still does. He regularly plays with his students in Fest-noz, concerts... he is usually accompanied by Riwal Jégo (on the "biniou") with whom he also participated in many music contests.

He initiated several duos with either Patrick Lancien or Fabien Robbe who likes to experiment music and sounds over Claude's Bombard.

It is also with these two friends that he formed "Tribuil" traveled throughout France and Europe.

Claude has won the "couple de sonneurs" contest in the Pourlet and Loudéac repertoires. Thus, he is undoubtedly one of the best interprets of "marches" and "Ronds de Loudéac".