Beginners Lessons

The beginners progression guides are, for each instrument, a perfect guide to assist you in learning the instrument.


You dream of playing Breton music and you're a complete beginner, do not worry!


With our beginners progression guides, simply follow the videos in the order that we offer and you'll follow your progression step by step.


So you can quickly interpret a first tune and blow your friends away.



To access your beginners progression guide, click "Our Tools" from the top menu bar of the screen and on the course you want to follow.
You can also access through the links below:



Below each video window in the "related videos" link section, you will notice a link that starts
by "beginners progression guide". This indicates that this lesson is part of a progression guide.

If you get stuck, ask your teacher using the email if you can't play what you want. We are always there to help you, don't forget it !

And do not go too fast at the beginning, play slowly but steadily. Gradually increase the tempo when you're comfortable with the music. If you see you can't play so fast, slow down and concentrate on being steady.

Take good habits as quickly as possible to protect your body. Listen carefully to the advice on body posture, hands, arms and shoulders. Be really careful with your posture and take the time to do the simple exercises that are proposed and that will allow you later to progress in a big way!



Enjoy now, it's up to you !